Chartered Accountants can find work in a wide variety of areas in Australia and worldwide. There are lots of different ways of qualifying to be a Chartered Accountant".

I believe this statement is accurate, and therefore correct.

Chartered Accountant is a business and finance adviser who has completed the institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia.

Chartered Accountants analyse, report and give advice on the operations and affairs of businesses.

Chartered accounting offers a range of careers including those in public practice, commerce, industry, government and education where Chartered Accountants can work as auditors, financial planners, investment advisers, forensic accountants, management accountants, tax consultants and treasury, there are a lot more in different areas.

Chartered Accountants manage their own careers.

Once qualified, Chartered Accountants can choose to work where they like, there is no set path.

Chartered Accountants can start in public practice and move to commerce, or start in commerce and move to public practice. .

They might change industries or countries.

To become a qualified Chartered Accountant in South Australia you have to complete an accredited degree, complete the Chartered Accountant Program and have three years work experience mentored by the Chartered Accountant in Chartered Accountant accredited firms and commercial organizations.

Once you are qualified and a member of the ICAA, you can drive your own career.

The man who I interviewed was Mr Brian Trumble from Pulteney Grammar School.

Mr Trumble is a practised accountant. Brian's qualifications are SA TAFE, Brian dropped out of University for one year.

Mr Trumble's work history is ETST, St Johns Ambulance, and Guide Dogs Association and now Brian is working at Pulteney Grammar School, starting June (2000).

In conclusion accounting as a degree opens up possibilities and many fields in other courses, mainly on the commerce side of things.