We look around our society today and see there is so much prejudice and hate for one another. As a teenager or even a younger child, we don't understand this. We go to school and we have been brought up to act a certain way, because this is how our parents act, we are taught bad habits and racism from them, they teach us what is wrong or right, the teach us our morals. These morals stick with us for the rest of our lives, because it's a habit we learn from a very young age.

Coming from the country there is not a lot of prejudice, it's a friendly atmosphere, when we moved to the city it was a big shock, there was so much hate in the eyes of people. This was because they had grown up in a family that didn't like people who had different coloured skin or weren't as well of as their own family.

Until people see that it doesn't matter how much money you have, what colour your skin is or where you live and grew up, our society isn't going to become a better place. The fact is that these people, the people who haven't got everything they want who have to fight for what they need, have experienced how to live tough and have to work for what they want. It wasn't handed to them on a silver platter, because that's not the truth about life. The truth is out in the backstreet of the big cities, and the homeless people spending the nights in the cold, they don't have the money, family or shelter; they are the one's who are living life, because they have experienced the worst of it. They know what it means to work.

They say that the higher class people can't stand the poor or the aboriginals because they are rude to them, but I think that it also comes back a lot the other way, the poor and the aboriginals only hate them because the supposed "better off" people hated them first. I'm sure they would be the kindest people, if you give them half a chance, we just let our intolerance and prejudice get in the way.