Description of the Proposed Intervention

The funding that will be obtained from this proposal grant will be used to add more health care services to those that are currently being provided by the Borinquen Health Care Center as well as other health care services that cater to the needs of HIV / AIDS patients. Such health care services include health education and outreach programs, medical and dental services, drug prescriptions, counseling, and home and hospice care. Also, the funding will be used in improving the quality of health care services being provided to HIV / AIDS patients.

The proposed intervention is a development of diverse programs that will provide assistance to communities that has a high population rate of HIV / AIDS. These programs will serve as additional services to the currently existing programs provided by health care centers. One of the reasons why such additional programs are being proposed is due to the increasing population of individuals affected with HIV / AIDS. Aside from providing assistance to HIV / AIDS patients and their family members, the proposed interventions aim in educating people about HIV / AIDS. Regardless of the location of the people, whether within an accessible place or remote areas, the proposed intervention aims in delivering information to everyone. This can be done be the planned outreach programs as part of the proposed intervention.

Programs can be conducted within areas that are easily accessible. However, for remote areas, mobile clinics will be used to reach people who are unable to visit the health care centers and facilities. Medical and educational services will be provided to such areas. Another plan is to visit places that can be considered HIV / AIDS risks. This includes bars, crack houses, disco houses, etc. By disseminating information about HIV / AIDS in such areas, it is hoped that prevention can somehow took place.

In the objective of putting HIV / AIDS infected individuals under medication and treatment, we are planning to provide free counseling and testing to everyone. Anyone found to be positively infected with the disease will be referred to undergo necessary treatment and care.

The proposed intervention is hoped to provide a great impact in the objective of preventing the increase of HIV / AIDS patients.

Data Collection Plan

To specifically identify the needs of the people at Miami-Dade County regarding HIV / AIDS disease, this study will try to conduct either a quantitative or qualitative analysis. Conducting a research at the Department of Health of Miami-Dade County, regarding the current statistics of HIV / AIDS, or at the different health care centers, will help this research determine the current condition of the disease within the state. Being able to determine this will help our study in identifying the things that need to be provided and done for the county. Thus, facilitating the process of our study to identify better objectives and solutions.

Another method is by conducting interviews with the people of Miami-Dade County, especially with those infected with HIV / AIDS. From such interviews, we can directly identify the personal needs of the patients. Moreover, by also interviewing those who are not infected with HIV / AIDS, we can also learn the condition of none-HIV / AIDS people regarding living in an area that has a high population rate of HIV / AIDS patients. This method of Data collection can also facilitate our study's process of identifying better objectives and solutions.

The objectives that were pre-identified in this paper will…