pursue my degree in social work so I am able to use my education and experience to provide help and support to people who are struggling and in need of assistance. Specifically, a plan to concentrate my efforts on caring for women and children who have been abused. There are many women and children in that situation today, and they often do not know where they can turn for help. They may be too afraid to speak up, or they may feel as though they "deserve it." I want to break the chains that hold these women and children down, and that keep them tethered in some way to their abuser. That is not something I can do on my own. I need education and experience to back me up and help me work within the system in order to protect these people from further harm. There is more abuse taking place in the world today than most people realize, and when they discover it they often do not know what they should do. I want to be part of the solution, and I want to be sure I know what to do when I see or suspect abuse, no matter who the victim is.

Overall, I want to reunite families who need help, and keep families that are struggling together - while still making sure I protect people who have separated from other family members due to abuse. In that way, I hope to restore family values. Many of those values have been lost now, and people do not take their marriage vows and their respect for their spouse and children seriously. I cannot necessarily make people realize this on a grand scale, but I can help the people who have gotten themselves into bad situations and are now unsure what they should be doing. Many people in that situation want to keep their families together, but they are not sure how to do that. Others need to get away from family members quickly and safely because they are abuse victims. Through no fault of their own, their relationship with the other party has become irreparably damaged. They cannot stay and make it work, and I want to be able to help them, too, without judgment and always with compassion.

My passion is to be a social worker who gives comfort to all women and children who have suffered through domestic abuse, because that abuse can be so strong and significant in a person's life. They do not need to live their lives in fear, and they do not need to be damaged either physically or mentally by what they have seen, heard, felt, and been through. Even if that has been their past - for days or for years - it does not have to be their future. Some people feel as though they have no choice anymore or it has been too long, but it is never, ever too late for women and children to get the help that they need so they can live healthier, safer lives. I want to be one of the "good guys." I want to make a difference, and because I am so committed to the issues about which I am passionate, I feel confident that I will be able to perform my duties well and continue to make a difference for a number of years.

As a strong supporter of child advocacy, I feel there is a need for harsher penalties in cases of child abuse. Many child abusers walk with very little jail or prison time, and they often go back out and abuse children again. These people need help, but they also need to be punished for their crime to an extent that they are absolutely deterred from doing it again. Repeat offenders should not be back out in society where they can cause more problems and abuse more children. They apparently have not learned their lesson from their first arrest or subsequent arrests, and they are currently allowed to move about much too freely and have too much contact with children, which gives them the opportunity to reoffend. I would lobby for stricter laws for these individuals and penalties that are more likely…