Like Jagged Edge said your the best i had, like Usher criedcuz i got it bad,like KC Jo Jo i'm going crazy, andlike Mariah you'll always be my baby. .

The say you never forget your 1st love, that's because you never stoploving him. .

I won't pretend i wanna stop living, i won't pretend i'm goodat forgiving, i still can't hate you although i've tried.i still really love you and love is stronger than pride. .

Sometimes when you split up it means forever, then there's them sometimes when you get back together, sometimes you just need to see what's going on, and sometimes the time you take is wayto long, you can make a move that you can regret, or worse,lose the best person you ever met .

A tear for the day we met, a tear for each day you said you loved me, a tear for all the moments i held you in my arms, a tear for every kiss, a tear for all the times i miss, a tear for all you were to me, a tear for what our future was meant to be, a tear for the moment you said goodbye, a tear for everything that was so true, because i'm still in love with you.

It's amazing how someone can break your heart,but you can still love them with every broken piece of it. .

You messed with my heart for a bit, tore me right in two. All i have to say is, i really loved you. I now understand the game, you had going on for so long,do you understand the pain, you put me through all along? You told me you loved me.what a lie.nowall i'm left to do is sit down and cry. .

True love burns the brightest.but the brightest flames leaves the deepest scars. .

My best best crush.the one who was always there.the one i told my secrets to.the one i dreamt about.the one i live for.the one i boyfriend .

My roses are red.but my violets turned black, my heart feels like your not coming back, so i lift my head and give out a little sigh, how did I let my angel fall out of my sky? .

There are things you don't want to happn, but you gotta expect it, there are things you don't want to know, but you have to learn, and there are people you can't live without, but you have to let go .