Race at Springfield

How are the people of your race/ethnicity treated...by the faculty, administrators, and students

I don't really see students treated differentially by faculty, administrators and generally other students, although this very well may be because of my perspective as a white male. I do notice that particularly Asian women are less likely to volunteer to speak in my classes but I don't really find that that is treatment by the faculty, as for example if all students engaged at the same level and one particular group was called on less. But that is probably the only generalization I am able to make given the way the question is asked. There are relatively few black students at Springfield compared to whites as well but the African-American students I have worked with have engaged on varying levels, too specific to individuals to make a comprehensive statement. Some of my peer black students were vocal in classes, and some have been equally reserved, to my observation. This assumes that classroom interaction is the conduit through which faculty treatment plays out, but this is the only visible measure of treatment I personally have access to. I have not heard any specific complaints of differential grading on part of faculty based on race from anyone I know personally, and since I have no sample of overall grades, I could not speak to any other measure of treatment by faculty based on race either preferentially or discriminatorily.

The result is that to my observation, faculty has treated students relatively equally but how much treatment the students receive is a personal choice made for reasons which may be driven significantly by race and ethnicity, but since I am not party to those intrapersonal decisions, they may be driven by other preferences, although the possibility that this is inaccurate may very likely be the actual cause. Without specifically asking, I cannot know. Likewise since treatment by the department or by administrators involves confidential interaction in private meetings, nor can I compare what I have not heard, and thus the only measurement I have is that no one I know has complained of discrimination by the department or administration other than one high-profile grievance I heard about when I first started here, but which was before my time and the specifics of which I don't actually remember. I think it had to do with student government elections but again that was several years ago and I didn't pay much attention to it then. This awareness or lack of probably arises from my sample size, considering I really only converse regularly with probably ten black friends and can only think of perhaps five friends with apparent Asian heritage but all of those people were raised in the U.S. all their lives and seem fairly embedded in the culture here at Springfield, such that none of them have mentioned discrimination to me, and while the topic of race in social relationships does come up often with my black friends, this…