According to research, the biggest crime In the U. S. criminal Justice system Is that It Is a race-based Institution where African Americans are directly targeted and punished In a more aggressive manner than Caucasian people. Up to this day, famllles, organizations, cities, and states still fight for justice In cases that have not been resolved or have been unfairly ruled. Every day ordinary people In the poorest parts of the world are taking a stand against human rights violations and the denial of basic services which many of us take for granted.

For many years, there have been cases with unfair rulings in such as the Treyvon Martin case that was taken place in Orlando. Florida where Treyvon Martin, 17-year old African American teenager, was shot by a neighborhood watcher. George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman pled not guilty to second- degree murder and was sentenced to trial approximately a month after the shooting took place. During the time before George Zimmerman's trial took place, there were numerous rallies, protesters, and organizations that fought for justice for Treyvon Martin's case along with donations nd fundraisers to help support his family.

After evidence that proved George Zimmerman shot the teen, the Judge ruled that he was not guilty and he was given his gun back. According to articles, the juries said that racial discrimination was not used during the trial. However according to history, Florida, one of the southern states, Is known to be a prejudiced state where it once used to be a slave state In the 1800s. unfortunately, Justice has not been reached for this case, but people still continue to fight against the case.

Cruel and unusual punishment was used In this case by not giving Zimmerman any charges at all and by letting him walk free. The people wanted Zimmerman to serve his time for the crime he had committed instead of walking free in the streets without no emotion of guilt. Even though the case has already been closed, people still fight for justice and show support for Treyvon Martin up to this day. Another case that has been unfairly ruled in Florida was the Casey Anthony case. here a Caucasian woman was not found guilty for the murder of her 2 year old hild, The Jury declined to convict her of either first degree murder or manslaughter. Anthony was cleared of murder, manslaughter and child-abuse charges after weeks of informed TV coverage and armchair-lawyer punditry that one of her attorneys denounced as "media assassination. " Anthony was convicted only of four misdemeanor counts of lying to investigators who were looking into the child's June 2008 disappearance. The decision outraged many across the United States as it accelerated toa worldly matter.

Justice tor Caylee, Casey Anthony's 2 year old daughter, Is still being fought about to this day. Back In the 1950s, there was a case that had not been taken In the correct manner: the Emmett Till case, where a fourteen year old African American was brutally murdered after saying "Bye, baby" to the Caucasian woman. There were no witnesses In the store, but Carolyn Bryant, the then whistled at her as he sauntered out. Till's body was found in the river days later. Less than two weeks after his murder, the verdicts were sent on trial.

Because this ase had taken place during the slavery years, the Jury deliberated for less than an hour before issuing a verdict of "not guilty "explaining that they believed the state had failed to prove the identity of the body. Many people around the country were angry and outraged by the decision and also by the state's decision to not persecute the verdicts on the separate charge of kidnapping. Every day ordinary people in the poorest parts of the world are taking a stand against human rights violations and the denial of basic services which many of us take for granted.

Sacrificing their own safety, they challenge vested interests, stand up to oppressive governments and sometimes put their lives on the line. It is the right of all citizens in every country to hold their government accountable. Cruel and unusual punishment includes torture and degrading acts not known to the common law. The U. S. criminal Justice system race-based institution is where African Americans are directly targeted and punished in a more aggressive manner than Caucasian people due to favorism and for viewing them as more superior than African Americans.