In the play A Raisin in the Sun an African-American family is in a tough situation in which some of the family members can't get their dreams fulfilled. At some points they are forced into situations in which they must use other family members to fulfill their own dream. "You mean your sister's school money you used that too- (Pg129) In situations as those other members were hurt and were left with hatred. There was a time when Benetha could not stand Walter for another second, ever since he spent all the money, to the point in which he had told the family that he was going to let Mr. Linder know that they were not moving into the house, and that they were going to take the offer that was made to them. Yet once again she loved him and forgot all the hatred that she had towards him when he told Mr. Linder that they were going to except the house and that they would be moving in at the beginning of the month. .

Mama in all was a strong woman with two children a daughter in law, and a grandson. Her husband had died in an accident, and left them with ten thousand dollars. In which she was left to do anything that she chose. Yet she started to think and decided that instead of using the money just to benefit her that she would use the money to benefit the entire family. "I paid the man thirty-five hundred dollars down on the house. That leaves sixty-five hundred dollars savings account for Benetha's checking account-with your name on it."(Pg 107) By benefiting the entire family with a new house, she would help everyone out; she was desperate to get out of the apartment in which they were living, which had the horrible living conditions. Since there was money left over she knew the best thing to do was to help her children fulfill their own dreams.

At the end of the play when Walter Lee had decided to tell Mr. Linder that they were going to take the money and not move into the house with all the white folks, they knew that at moment their family had lost all of their pride, and if they did do that there was no reason for that family to be a family.