The five main beliefs of this religion are.

Reincarnation -> we believe after death each person comes back to life as a new person. Each "new person" goes through different experiences of life, to eventually become the best person they can be.

That their life has a purpose-> when you return as a "new person" you will face a new life with different challenges. Every struggle and challenge has a purpose. This religion teaches you how to deal with the life you are given, and that in the end this will help you become a better person.

There is only one God-> The Gods name is Yhamahi, and everyone who belongs to this religion must worship Yhamahi, and no other God. They must accept Yhamahis rules, and accept whatever life has given to them.

Attend the Mozzle-> The Mozzle is a place of worship, where the Yhamians go to pray and feel closer to Yhamahi. They must attend the Mozzle every Tuesday night.

Yhamahi day-> This is the day where we must celebrate Yhamahis birth. This day is on January 31st, the new year. .

The positive aspects of the after life in our religion is that after you die, you are given seven more lives. These seven lives are meant to help us see different ways of living, and different struggles people face. If you live a good life, then after you die you will receive a life that is totally different from all your other lives. A negative aspect of this, is that some lives you are given may be a lot harder then others. You might have to deal with situations that are difficult and unpleasant. .

Community Of Faith.

The main leader in our religion is our God, Yhamahi. There are two other leaders too. The Highly is either a man or women, who is said to be the most Yhamahi like. He travels throughout the world preaching the teachings of Yhamahi. Another leader is the Clumber. The clumber is the head of the Mozzle. Every Tuesday nights he/she talks to the Yhamians, and also teaches them about Yhamahi.