So back when I was at college, we used to have these group showers. The showers had a wall that was about half way to the ceiling that encased the shower heads and kept the water in a certain area so it would all reach the drain. A couple of the guys and I had nothing to do one day and decided we would make a "pool" out of these showers. So we got a piece of ply-wood to cover the entrance to the half walls which surrounded all the shower heads. Then we made sure to clog the drain with a plunger. We turned on all of the showers, (there were about 20) left, and got lunch. .

About three hours later we came back to find the half wall filled to the top and we had our "swimming pool". After swimming around for a little while, we all decided that it would be fun to ride the water like a wave out of the bathroom and into the dorm halls. So one of the guys pulled the board from the entrance and we all rode the title wave and walked out of the dorm and back to our fraternity house. .

About two years before I entered college, my dad told me a few stories about his own college experience and this was one of them. I heard these tales and was amazed at how much care free fun college students were able to have during that time period. These were one of my only real sources of what college would truly be like. .

Times have certainly changed since the day my father was attending college. I couldn't even imagine how much trouble a student would get into for a stunt like flooding a dorm hallway today. Nowadays, if that was even attempted, a student would face housing violations and he would potentially find himself expelled from the university. At this institution, a student has three strikes before he can no longer attend the university. What amazes me is the fact that someone can get a strike for listening to their music too loud during "quiet hours". I understand the fact that academics are important and certain students need quiet when working, but to give a student a strike for something so harmless is ridiculous.