The Salem with trials is a part of history that is trully sad It makes one wonder how a whole town could believe in such a crazy idea and actually kill people because of this crazy idea. To find the answer one only needs to look at the Puritan's beliefs and the way they lived their life. One aspect of Puritan life that contributed to the belief in supernatural things such as witchcraft was their lack of knowledge and technology. Life in Puritan New England was harsh. They had to deal with hard work, harsh weather, and a religion that offered no pity or forgiveness.

Without technology in medicine or farming, people often had to deal with many misfortunes. Among these misfortunes there were things such as death of livestock, bad crops, and deaths in the family. People would get frustrated and need to find some sort of reasons for these misfortunes in order to comfort themselves. In those times there was few explanations for why things happen in our world the way they do. Superstitious things such as witchcraft and demons were common beliefs all around the world.

People needed to find explanations for why things happened, and to them the easiest explanation was that the devil lurks behind every corner and misfortunes can be attributed to evil doings such as witchcraft. The cause and effect reasoning was horrible at the time. Although the lack of scientific knowledge contributed to the absurd belief in witches, the main part of Puritan life that made these people believe in witches was the one thing that their life was based around: their religion.

Puritan religion had a very low tolerance because the philosophy of their religion was rooted in spiritual flawlessness. Everything a Puritan does in his life he needs to do to try and get closer to God. From the time they are born they are taught to fear both God and the Devil. They are taught that death can happen at any time and God has it in his hands to decide whether we end up in