Slaver is a horrible thing and it is the reason why I and my kin have suffered throughout our lives. I lost my wife and my daughters to slavery and the whip marks on my back stand as proof concerning how white people fail to understand the pain they cause as a result of their system.

I found out that the Marbury vs. Madison case rendered a federal law unconstitutional just a few days ago. I don't really understand what the case involved, but I realized that laws are not necessarily set in stone. Would that mean that a Negro can go to court and ask lawmen to eradicate slavery because of its illegal (when considering the declaration of independence's statements) nature?

I read the Independent Chronicle issue of the first of January today and it said that the African slave trade has been prohibited. I am happy to know that Africans are no longer taken from their homes and brought here as slaves. I know that I will never to live to see the day when my peoples will no longer be slaves in the U.S., but I feel that this is actually proof that the world is changing.

A friend of mine who has access to the master's room read a recent newspaper and told me that slavery was abolished in Maine and north of the 36 degrees, 30 minutes north latitude. it's a long way from Missouri to Maine, but how can I not be glad that the government finally expressed interest in freeing slaves. I appreciate Miss Williams' kind nature, but I want to be free and I want to feel that I can actually do everything I want and not be afraid that I am going to have my master control me.

The first issue of the Liberator was published just three days ago. William Lloyd Garrison, the publisher, says "I will not equivocate -- I will not excuse -- I will not retreat a single inch -- and I WILL BE HEARD.." This is truly a courageous man. This enabled me to look at slavery from a different perspective. All the pain it's caused me is nothing compared to the dream of being a free man and to the feelings I experience every night when I go to sleep dreaming about a better society where people would be judged on account of their thinking instead of being categorized on account of the skin color and of the community they were born in.

I can't understand white people. Andrew Jackson went through an assassination attempt on the 30th of January. I can't understand how people can actually go against the most powerful person in the country and actually expect to succeed in their efforts. One would have to be silly to get involved in such a plan, regardless of the motives.

Not all white people want to enslave African-Americans. I recently met an abolitionist coming from the North and I was…