Should Cigarette Smoking be Removed From Restaurants?.

To understand why cigarette smoking should be removed from restaurants one must look at it from the eyes of a non-smoker. Suppose your out and eating dinner at a very nice restaurant. As you begin dinner, a respectable looking man sits down behind you and lights a cigarette. You do not notice at first, but slowly your entire area of the restaurant has a pungent odor. As you continue eating other people do the same and slowly the smoke is so strong that it seems as if it's in your food. As you leave the restaurant your clothes smell like cigarette smoke and an enjoyable dinner has now been turned into an irritating incident. Many believe that smoking should be removed from restaurants and it is easy to understand why. One persons choice has affected many. Smoke travels, it is not able to determine that there are designated and non-designated areas.


1.What smoking does to the person smoking.

Physical Health.


Others opinions.


2. What the smokers choice has done to the other people.

Health (new/old problems).

Dining Experiences.

Opinion of restaurant owners.


3.What it does to the restaurant.



Cleanliness .


In conclusion it is easy to see why smoking should be removed from restaurants. Although the smoker does have the right to smoke, they do not have the right to disturb others. The question now is why do restaurants still choose to allow smoking? It has been scientifically proven and time tested. Restaurants need to accept that ignorance is stupidity. In the city of Dallas for example many restaurants are now being forced to convert to non-smoking environments.