In this case, war emanating between the two family heads can only be solved by the two heads. Mr. S will also appreciate that the children strongly contribute to the healing of the family, if the two heads stop fighting each other.

Scenario 4 Mrs. F

The school system is very insensitive to the Latino population

My Kids have begun to disrespect me and berate their own heritage

My Mother is seriously ill in Peru

The Chief Problem in this study is the School System is very insensitive to the Latino Population

Mrs., F, did you ever know fighting racism in this country starts from oneself and spread to those surrounding you. I know you are not comfortable with that. I would like you to join me in understanding that new challenges differ from those of your mother country once you are in America. Some of these challenges include the cold reception from the Latino community. However, I would like you to understand to be the subject of difference. Secondly, since the kids having begun hating their culture, it is advisable that you schedule them on a flight to go and see their Grandmother. This intense period will help them come to terms with their foundation.


Mrs. F will naturally oppose the fact that she also has a racist trait. However, this remark will intrigue Mrs. F to change her perception in relation to pursuing a free and acceptable racist ideology. Mrs. F will as well understand that the stage her kids are going through is normal. Mrs. F will as well welcome the Idea to schedule the kids to go and visit their ailing grandmother.

Scenario 5: Board Member

Mission-driven Purposeful and focused effort

Unprofessionalism at all levels of the organization

History of laissez-faire leadership

Issue Five: The absence of Mission-driven purposeful and focused effort

When an organization is growing, several issues, which tend to deter the unprofessional accounts often occur. Therefore, it is imperative to let you know that the issues are commonly based on the level of your organization. Just a question, have you ever considered raising these claims in a polite man in board meetings? If not, please do so because this will assist your organization to reexamine whether there are any valid claims about the absence of leadership in instilling a sense of professionalism


The board member may change his understanding in relation to how he perceives the organization's communication channels. As a result, the board member may opt for the improvisation of communication techniques which are absent in his organization. This new inspiration may be responsible in instilling a new sense of direction for the board member.


Hello brothers and sisters

It is good that you responded to this meeting and let me call it an appeal. This meeting is engineered to let us, the community leaders, focus on the immorality happening in this community. As a result, am compelled to ask you whether any of you has ever been alarmed by the situation. Of course, most of you will say yes; however, I would like to know whether any of you does have any considerate answers in explanation of this appeal. Has any of you ever responded to this situation? Currently, the situation is a result of economic problems illuminating to social problems. Is there anyone of you who is willing to contribute positively towards healing the situation?

Five Open Ended Questions

Do the Clergy