3. What is the main research question?

a. Should we all live together?

4. Which research method was used to test the hypothesis?

a. The researchers got a lot of past research together an analyzed them for patterns rather than conducting additional tests.

5. List five characteristics of those who chose cohabitations.

a. Unmarried

b. Those who are not financially independent

c. Engaging in premarital sex

d. Companionship

e. Distrustful of marriage

6. Give me your opinion of the methods and outcome of the study? Is the information useful?

a. I think the information is useful in that they joined together a lot of past research and that makes it so the present researcher does not have to read through the same materials to reach their own conclusions. This can also be dangerous however because you might think differently.

Part 3:

1. I think the government should try to help. This reflects the conflict paradigm. With the economy in such a disastrous atmosphere, the government should do all they could to assist its citizens.

2. One example of the Thomas Theorem used in daily life is the idea of superstitions such as a black cat crossing your path or Friday the 13th being bad luck. Often people who are superstitious will create situations for themselves where bad things happen and they will blame it on these ominous things that have come their way.

3. I absolutely do not believe that children should be given unlimited access to the internet. One of the reasons for this is that although the children may not intend to see anything objectionable, there are occasions where something as innocent as a Google search can bring up links to very adult content. There are also predators in the world that will prey on children. The internet and chat rooms or instant messaging gives these people instant and ready access to impressionable potential victims.

4. I do not believe that rich people are necessarily happier than poor people. I do believe that rich people have less reason to have stress than their poorer counterparts. Perhaps it is fair to say that rich people are not as unhappy as poor people. Happiness is relative to the amount of satisfaction one has for their achievements and the content of their life which can happen for anyone no matter how much they do or do not have.

5. There is a theory that we are growing into a single global culture. I think that this is in part true, but not universally. Technologies allow people to comingle with others from other cultures and populations on a more regular basis. Therefore the cultures influence one another than they may have in the past. I think there will always be some differences however that keep the individual cultures strong.

6. I absolutely believe that homosexuals should be allowed to marry. First and foremost I do not believe in discrimination for any reason. Everything should be equal. I have a problem with the fact that drunken people in Las Vegas can get married within a few hours just because one is a man and one is a woman. Yet, two men or two women who have been together for years in a monogamous and loving relationship do not have that same right. Proposition 8 was a major legal issue in the state of California recently. The tagline for those in favor of Proposition 8 was "keep the sanctity in marriage." In marriages between men and women, the spouses cheat on one another. People have 2nd and 3rd and 4th marriages. I do not believe that homosexual marriage will create a detrimental effect in the rest of the nation or the world.

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