General Purpose: Move to Action

Specific Purpose: After listening to my speech the audience will know the qualities that STP canperformon an engine.


I. Attention

A. Who in the class likes money? Who in the class likes to hold on to their money?

B. Thesis: Well if you want to avoid pouring money into your vehicle you can pour in STP Oil Treatment instead.

II. Need

A. STP Oil Treatment is a high viscosity oil that you simply add one bottle every time you change your oil. This oil treatment will make your engine run smoother and last longer.

B. STP Oil Treatment also fights engine wear so you get maximum miles out of your vehicle. When a Vehicle is started after sitting for a number of hour it tends to "Dry Start" which means no oil is circulated at first. STP will increase oil pressure which will also fight "Dry Starts."

C. STP reduces friction and provides a cushion for all moving parts inside your engine. This also means that commonly heard noises will be reduced to a minimum so that your car can maintain maximum performance.

III. Satisfaction

A. This oil treatment will definitely satisfy your needs and also save you money in the long run by allowing your engine to last longer.

B. For spending about $2.00 more an oil change you can get the most out of your vehicle and maybe even save some gas while using this product.

C. According to Tony Bertagnoli, a local mechanic, STP is the "stuff." He also uses it every oil change in each of his many cars. According to Tony the STP "test" is putting STP on your hand and try to hold a screwdriver without dropping it. It is almost impossible. That is what it does inside your engine.

IV. Visualization

A. You should try STP and see for your self how it works on your vehicle.

B. I have a 1968 Ford Torino that I am working on. At first it ran real rough and then I changed the oil in it using STP. Problem solved.

V. Appeal

A. Thesis: If you would like to avoid pouring time and money into your vehicle pour STP oil treatment instead.

B. Stop using the minimum ingredients needed just to get your vehicle by. Using STP will get you a lot farther.


Bibliography Tony Bertagnoli, Bill's Chevron Mechanic