A purse carries everything that a woman holds dear. It holds pictures of loved ones, lotions to keep skin hydrated, makeup to fix blemishes, and some even have a small sewing kit in order to mend any spontaneous clothing rip. But most importantly, it holds one's money. That is why putting a purse on the floor is financially bad mojo. By putting one's purse on the floor, you are welcoming the money vibes to walk away. You are making it easier for the good luck that is held so dearly and tightly in the purse, in its harbor, to leave; you are allowing for an easy exit strategy. That is why in order to avoid finances from getting bad by leaving your purse on the floor, you should always put it in a highly elevated place when trying to reverse the superstitious virtues that could come by placing it on the floor.

In order to bring in finances, makes sure it travels to a lot of places. It takes in all the scenery. Never leave the purse hidden away, or tucked away in some sort of compartment, as it is your purse that ends up defining who you are. Your purse is like your soul. Expose it to all the wonderful things that you would want more of, in order for the purse to capture all your special moments and truly encapsulate the wonders that you would wish to keep. However, always make sure to keep the purse physically on you. Do not put it on the floor of a car, train, or bus, as it means that your financial aura has an even better and faster way of escaping, as all those vehicles provide an easier way of transportation. Take care of your purse as again, it holds what is most dear and important to the self, both internally and out, and most of all, it is what harbors your money. Money is what makes the world go round.

Exercise 6.2B: A Letter Home

Dear Ms. Douglas,

I done something that I knowed you's be proud of. You are definitely one to adore people at the bottom of the food chain, and you's always says to be kind to everybody, and so I saved some people today. After some robber camed and gots stranded on a raft, and we was there to help them out. Both Jim and me thought that it could be a great idea to let some robbers leave on this raft, but after the deed was done, I says to myself, "We cannot leaves these people to die." They are human bein's just like e'rybody else, so we has to go reports them to get saved.

And so's we did. I tolds the watchmen that he besta go take a look at the rafts cause my family was in there. I made up an big ol' story about how if they didn't spend their time and effort, my family woulds die. They were more than haapy to go looking for them then. They couldn bare to see me in so mucha pain thinking that I would be an orphan. I knowed that my story would be the only way to get them out there because they woulda never gone to go save some dumb ol' robbers.

I knowed that you woulda been so prouda me, since you love helping poor ol' people. You love to save those in need, and most importantly, you woulda loved for me to do the same. I justa wanted to share this experience with you so you could be proud. This adventure has made me come to realize that everyone has the right to be saved, even dumb ol' robbers.

Exercise 6.3B: Character Poem

"I warn't lonesome now"