Not a normal time you would think of if someone asked you to pick a random time. Usually I am asleep at 4am, but this fateful morning for one of my classmates, I was woken up by my coach's 3-yr-old son just long enough to look at the clock.

Shannon Dwyer, one of my classmates, had graduated only 2 months before she died tragically in a car accident. She was the person you would always remember as wearing a smile or telling a joke. She was on the softball team and was a good student as well. Now, I was not really good friends with her, which is probably why I can write down the experience the town of Scituate had to face so soon after it occurred. Shannon was driving home that crisp August morning at 4am when she fell asleep, crossed the double line, and drove head first into a tree going at a fairly fast speed. She was proclaimed dead at the scene. She had no alcohol or drugs in her system; she just fell asleep and hit the tree head on. .

Since I had stayed at my coach's house that night I did not hear about this until nearly 7 o"clock that night. As I was getting in my car that night I realized that anyone could get into an accident and not survive. Needless to say I drove home that night very slowly. The next day was the wake. I decided against attending due to the fact that I did not know her family. I heard that the tears that were cried could have drowned a grown man standing up. Those tears were part of the grieving process and the letting go that I soon learned needs to happen after a death.

I did decide to go to the funeral to show respect for my classmate and to show support for her family and friends. This, I believe, was the most horrible experience that I hope I will ever have to endure. Everyone was crying and was stonily silent at the same time. I can remember the look on her parents", her twin brother's, and her friends" faces as they walked behind the coffin when they were leaving the church.