If I was ever placed on the witness stand of the world with the entire human race as the jury and God as the judge, and I was asked by the prosecution, "Just what can you tell the world?" then I guess that I would really have to respond by saying: "Be careful what you wish for." .

More often than not, in today's society, an individual is given his classification with his various accomplishments in mind. Unfortunately, most of these so called "accomplishments" are of a temporary and materialistic kind, and rarely help to truly identify just who and not a mere what the person really is. This is why, for me at least, it is sometimes more sensible to evaluate a person's true identity by those events which he holds most significant in his life; the events that he has come to acknowledge as the type that refines him, and makes him a better person. Maybe not as someone perfect, but at least better than before.

These moments are the type that when looked back to and weighed upon in a man's mind leaves him with the analogy of a bottle of castor oil as a remedy and the quote, "It might not taste all that nice, but at least I"ll be cured.".

I was barely past fifteen when the problems between my cousin and my mother rose to a whole new level. At first, I was already quite certain that any conflict between the two of them lay only in petty differences and a broken line of communication. Besides, I had never been a part of it before. Any fight that broke out within the household, I considered myself alien to. After all, I have always been reminded not to interfere with things that were strictly labeled as "Grown-up's Business.".

That being said, I was never prepared for what I later found out. .

My cousin was fuming on that particular summer day. Over what, I have very little memory of but I do know that it seemed quite trivial to me. She was ranting in the dining room concerning my mother at that time. Unfortunately, since my mother was busy in our room, my cousin really couldn't extract a confrontation out of her.