There was a cool refreshing breeze flowing through the coast of Guyana. The coconut trees were swaying in the wind in such a rhythmic way that they seemed to be doing an island dance. It was just one of those days you just woke up and had to get out.

After breakfast and a shower I was quickly out of the house. I had just gotten my license the Friday before and I was more than happy to act as the chauffeur to get my friends over. I had hoped to spend the day with my girlfriend Michelle but it was her uncle's wedding that day. At that time we had been going out for about a year and a half. I had met her at a birthday party about two years before and we were virtually inseparable since then. We were so inseparable in fact, that my friends called her my tail. I didn't mind at all.

My first stop was Dax's house. Apparently he was more excited about us having a driver in the group than I was. He was anxiously waiting outside and before I had even stopped he was in the car. .

"Drive, drive, I in de car", he managed to utter, still chewing some of his breakfast.

He had a thick Caribbean accent, as did everyone else I knew. After a while spent on deciding who else we were going to pick up, we head off to Fabian's house. I didn't know Fabian too well, just that he was Dax's friend from way back. We met up with two more of his friends that I knew and I invited them to come along. The day was gradually becoming hotter and hotter so they were glad to come over to hang out. .

My house was one of the spots to chill since it was nice and windy being right on the Atlantic Ocean. We all piled into the car and off we were.

We were less than half a mile from my house and the guys in the back started to crank me to go faster. I obliged and began to speed down the long straight before you got to my house. Then out of the blue we seemed to be in a whirlwind.

I woke up in a stranger's car, driving down the road. As he looked at me I could see my blood spattered face in the lens of his mirrored sunshades.