Experiences in life will cause everlasting affects on a person as a whole. It is what we take from these experiences that will determine who we are as people. When or if we allow ourselves to react negatively to the actions of others we ourselves are just as guilty as the people themselves. I remember the time I was placed in the position where I had to chose whether to take the high road or to allow myself to steep to the level of negativity that was placed upon me. .

It was a beautiful Monday evening and the beginning of the workweek for me. I had just arrived fifteen minutes prior when customers began to line up at my register. As I helped the last customer in my line another customer entered the store with a box of three wool afghans to be cleaned. I recognized the customer as Ms. Havisham instantly. During previous visits to the store she had been semi-cordial to me. However, on this particular visit she didn't say much of anything with me. I took her necessary information and wrote her up a ticket for her items. Then she asked me how much they would be. When I replied that I was not sure how much they would be she became irate. She was rather vocal in her stance that I didn't know two bits about nothing. Then she walked out of the store.

Then hours later the phone rung and I answered it with my normal friendly greeting; "Sunshine Cleaners, how may I help you." As soon as I heard the caller's voice I was aware that it was in fact Ms. Havisham. She asked me if she could speak with one of the proprietors. I went on to tell her that they were not in the store at the moment and they would not be returning until the next morning. She then preceded to tell me how she had came in earlier that day and that the person who helped her did not know much of anything. She finished with her outburst about how helpless I was and then I told her that I was the one who helped her. Having had been caught up in an awkward position she quickened her voice and asked if I knew the price yet.