King of Demons, Asmodeus, stood in chains before King Solomon after building a tomb. Solomon asked Asmodeus how to tell the difference between things that are real, and things that are an allusion. To answer, Asmodeus asked for one of Solomon's two rings that he wore on his hands. Not the one that engraved in Greek that says, "This too shall pass", but the sacred one. .

Asmodeus took this sacred ring and threw it into the ocean. Then he took Solomon and threw him to Babylonia. .

Solomon tried to tell everyone there that he was a king, but nobody believed him, for he was dressed in beggar clothes. He eventually stopped trying to convince people of this, and decided that if he wanted to survive he must get a job. .

He was employed as the cook's assistant. One day, he was to put spices in the king's dinner. The king summoned him to his palace because he enjoyed the dinner so much. On the way into the palace Solomon fell in love with the daughter of the king, Princess Mallah. After the king congratulated him on the dinner, he found out about the two falling in love and kicked them both out into the desert, where they built shelter and had three children. .

One day they were all outside, when a giant wave came and washed his wife and children away. He fell asleep, was captured and brought to the market place to be sold as a slave. He was bought to become the goldsmith's assistant. There, he made a gold dove ornament, which somehow the king got a hold of. Solomon was brought before the king where he told his life story for the first time in twelve years. The king then gave him a boat. .

One day while fishing, Solomon caught a fish, cut it open and found his sacred ring. When he put it on his finger and he woke up. He discovered that he was sleeping the whole time, (which was only two hours). Asmodeus than asked, "So, do you now know the difference between what is real and what is an allusion?" From then on he was a very wise king when it came to making decisions.