The body's systems are complicated thing. No system inside of the body is more important than another for they all rely on each other. If something tragic were to happen, such as a major car accident, to a person all of the body's systems and organs would be affected.

David and Laura are the focus of this car wreck example. They were on their way to a wedding when they stopped paying attention to what was on the road. Ahead of them just turning onto the road was a tractor. David had just removed his seat belt to answer the ringing cell phone in the back seat of the car. Laura, distracted and talking to David, looks up just in time to see the approaching tractor and swerve out of its track. Due to the sudden swerve control to the car is lost and they slam into a pile of wood on the side of the road. .

The seatbelt Laura was wearing saved her from making a hard impact forward; David however was not so lucky. Since David was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the collision his head flew forward and slammed harshly against the dashboard.

Integumentary System: As a result of Laura wearing her seatbelt she sustained many bruise. Laura suffered more bruising than David as he insides literally moved from the shaking of the crash and her bones pushing against the skin. While in the hospital an IV was required which, of course, punctures the skin. Near the end of the crash story Laura has to undergo major surgery on her spleen and her skin must be cut through to do the surgery. David sustained brain injuries as a result of the blow to the head from the dashboard. To relieve the pressure on his brain holes had to be drilled into his skull and the skin being the layer above the skull it had to also be drilled through. David was put into a comatose state from the head injury and an IV was required so he could get his nutrients. Being in a state of coma he of course cannot move and cannot be moved, thus making him a prime candidate for bed soars.