Preparation and servicing of equipment in trays.

Delivery and collection of equipment to and from the laboratories.

Ensuring kits in labs are kept stocked.

Making up stock solutions of chemicals.

Cleaning glassware.

basic servicing of equipment e.g. microscopes.

Making minor repairs to equipment.

Assisting in stock control/ordering of equipment.

Preparation and disposal of microbiological media.

Maintenance of lab materials.

Setting up practical assessment material.

a willingness to learn about desktop computing and databases.

College based Health & Safety within the immediate working environment.

Evaluation of duties.

1.Preparation for lessons, the technician in a day must prepare equipment and chemicals for all the lessons and for the following day, due to the variety of lessons and the amount of equipment needed the technicians can prepare around twenty different sets of equipment. Due to this large amount of work the technicians must schedule the workload very carefully, also just one set of equipment involves doing the following;-.

i.examining the requisition slips to see what equipment and if any special items are needed for the practical,.

ii.the technicians refuse to prepare any practical if a risk assessment has not been completed by the lecturer before hand,.

iii.then the technicians will assemble all the required equipment in a tray, at this stage the technicians will also prepare any solutions to the required concentration as specified by the lecturer,.

iv.also in some special cases where the chemicals are dangerous the technicians will assemble the equipment in fume cupboards so that they don't prove a hazard to students, staff and other technicians,. the end of the lesson the technicians will then remove any equipment, used and unused, and any chemicals that have been used and formed during the practical, which must be disposed of in the proper manner which will not endanger any persons and the environment, then all used items are cleaned in various ways depending on the type of apparatus used, glassware must be cleaned differently from spatulas, etc, due to the fact that they could shatter.