Show how each of these gifts typified an aspect of Jesus" life.

Two years or thereabouts after Jesus was born The Wise Men followed the star to Jesus" home in Bethlehem. They brought him three gifts: Gold, Incense, and Myrrh. These three gifts would tell the life story of Jesus by what each gift represents. .

Gold : This gift represents Kingship. Matthew 2 vs. 1 - 12 tells of how the magi came to worship Jesus. This underlines that Jesus came to take away the sins of the whole world. Their first stop was at the palace of king Herod where there they would have found much gold, and a king but he was not the king they where looking for. No, this king would be found in a cattle shed in Bethlehem. His fanfare wound not be of the trumpets of men but the voices of angles. The thirty three years that Jesus was on earth he always knew who he was, the son of the most high God and he walked in this authority. On Palm Sunday the people cried out "Hosanna in the Highest" throwing palm branches and their coats down before him, hailing him as the new King, but how quickly they turned and within days they were shouting "Call yourself the King of the Jews." .

Jesus now sits at the right hand of the Father and one day he will return as King of all Kings and Lord of all Lords.

"And his Kingdom will reign for ever and ever".

Revelation 11 vs. 15.

Incense : This gift represents Priesthood. Jesus showed his priesthood all through his life, he was always in the temple with the priests tell them about his father and challenged them sometimes. .

Luke 2 vs. 49 "Don't you know I had to be in my fathers house".

From Adam sinned there was always a need for someone to stand in the gap. Aaron probably one of the most famous priests in the Old Testament.

Exodus 28 speaks of the priestly garments and verse 36 says .

"Make a plate of pure gold and engrave on it as a seal Holy to the Lord and only the priest could enter the Holy of Holies.