The Illusion of Mathilda.

The doctor, the writer, is one of the most prolific of twentieth-century American authors. In this story, under the situation of distrust between the doctor and the patient, Williams shows a doctor, after the patient's challenge, could be a human being just like any other.

In her mind, she knows very well how to handle the situation; anyhow, she has successfully deceived her parents for over three days. So, when the doctor comes, she is looking at him with her steady eyes and no expression on her face.

In order to hide her disease, she dresses herself as nice as possible, even looked like the blond girl in the picture. Instead of lying on the bed, which a diphtheria patient should do normally, Mathilda is sitting on her father's lap. .

Moreover, she already decided not let anyone from knowing about her disease. When the doctor moves his chair and tries to approach her, she attacks him by knocking his glasses away and almost touches his eyes. After the fighting, the doctor changes his usually coaxing strategy to threatening her by force to open her mouth; however, Mathilda's expression is still the same. This behavior arouse the doctor's inner anger and trigger the battle.

In addition, the father is a big man but he is afread to hurt his little girl. After several times trying, the father painfully tights his little girl up with his strong arms. Hopelessly, Mathilda starts to scream hysterically, with whole her strength. The poor mother could not stand to watching her precious baby in suffering any longer. In stead of helping the doctor finishes his throat checking, she interrupts the doctor like a foolish uncivilized rural woman. So far, Mathilda knows her parents are still on her side, she hasn't given up yet, like her name's meaning - the battle maiden. .

At last, After the doctor's dignity and proud are almost destroyed by this little savage brat, he makes up his mind to release all his accumulating tension on the last final battle.