Bilbo Baggins - Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit from the shire. The book "The Hobbit" tells about Bilbo's adventures. He returns from these adventures with many treasures and a magic ring. He lives in a hole in Bag End, The Shire. Bilbo is very old but he looks young thanks to the magic ring.

Frodo Baggins - Frodo is Bilbo's young cousin and his heir. He is the hero in "The fellowship of the ring". He is curly, tall (for a hobbit), and thin. He is very fond of his cousin Bilbo. He's thoutful, kind, honest and brave. Gandalf The Grey - Gandalf is an old and experienced wizard. He participated in Bilbo's adventures and in this book he accompanies Frodo in his adventures. He is tall and has a long beard. He is known all over the shire for his amazing fireworks. He is very brave and kind and he is loved by everyone he meets.

Sam Gamgee - Sam is Bilbo's gardener and Frodo's best friend. He loves Frodo and he is very faithful to him. He dreams about meeting elves and going on adventures.

Merry Brandybuck and Peregrin Took - Merry and Pippin are very close friends of Frodo. Merry is a kind and adventurous hobbit. Pippin is a young and curious hobbit known to get himself in trouble. They are both loyal to Frodo and they are willing to go wherever Frodo goes.

Aragorn - Aragorn is a human king. He is also known as strider the ranger. He is tall, thin, and dark. He's a good guide and a skilled warrior. He knows his way around the woods.

Legolas - Legolas is an elf. He is the son of the king of Mirkwood. He is skilled with the bow, fair and kind.

Boromir - Boromir is a man from the south. He is tough and strong. He is an adept fighter and will protect his land at all costs.

Gimli - Gimli is a dwarf from the north. During the journy he and Legolas become close friends. He is small but tough and precisive.

The Plot

The fellowship of the ring tells about a young hobbit called frodo who inherited a powerful ring that held great power. One day a wizard called gandalf came to his house. He worned him about the power of the ring and said that if the dark lord from mordor would get the ring, the whole world will be in danger. So Frodo, a peaceful hobbit from the shire, was sent on a long and dangerous quest to Mordor, where the ring could be destroyed. 8 people were sent with him: his best friends - Sam, Merry and Pippin; 2 men - Aragorn and Boromir; Gandalf the wizard; a dwarf - Gimli; and an elf - Legolas.

At the beginning, ringwraiths from Mordor where chasing them, but the elves of Rivendell managed to get rid of them using elf magic. They went east through the mines of Moria. There, Gandalf was killed by a fiery balrog, a fearsome creature that lived in the mines. They continued through the forest of Lothlorien and from there they sailed south by the great river. They were getting close to Mordor when orcs ( a kind of monsters) attacked them. Boromir was slain and Frodo decided to go to Mordor by himself. His friend Sam came with him and they went together towards Mordor, the land of evil. "The fellowship of the ring" ends here. The story continues in the next 2 books.