Check calendar for scheduled events and update calendar everyday.

Schedule proper appointments for kids when needed (DDS, MD, haircuts, etc.).

Never leave car with less than A 1/4 tank of gas (charge account available @ Texaco).

Pick up and drop off dry cleaning on Mondays.

Always have BLACK garbage bags in outside trashcans.

Always have WHITE garbage bags in kitchen trashcan.

Never leave A 1/2 full soft drinks anywhere, including garbage can - empty first.

Don't idle car unnecessarily.

Have proper maintenance done on car @ scheduled service times.

Replace toilet paper and make sure an extra role is kept in cabinet nearest to toilet at all times!.

Limit sugar intake, no "trash- (sugar busters for kids cookbook).

Limit TV (30 minutes per day, not including French tapes).

Keep thermostats between 74-75 for air conditioning and 69 for heat.

Do not park or drive on the grass.

Return everything to its proper place after being used.

Concentrate on developing the child (familiarize yourself with the book "Parents Are Teachers Too-). Available @ Barnes & Noble-$14.95.

Provide kids with healthy meals at all times (Organic Foods).

NO FOOD OR DRINKS are to be taken out of the kitchen area.

Read to kids at least 30 minutes per day.

Encourage piano, foreign languages, puzzles, art, imagination, and develop fine motor skills.

Always make sure there is a proper amount of food and drinks in the house at all times. (Shopping is to be done @ Sandra's Health Food Store or Albertson's if needed). .

There will be one meeting scheduled every 3 months with Mr. and Mrs. Smith to overview the kids' progression.

These rules make total sense and are followed in every average American .

family's home, right? Wrong, this list is just a warm-up of Mr. and Mrs. Smith's commands that exceed well over the average American family's rules. .

In the summer of 2000, all in one day, I had a background check, a credit report .

check, and my driving record checked.