There was land, but it was bare, flat and barren.

Man and woman were not created and the world was an empty quiet place. .

Baiame who was the creator molded the ancestors, spirits in the shape of animals or .

humans that wondered the world encountering many adventures. There was a period .

called dreamtime that the ancestor would come alive and interact with each other. .

Ancestors in dreamtime would step out of line and the Rainbow Snake would rush down .

upon them. During dreamtime Rainbow snake was known as Ngaljod, a feared deadly .

and dangerous snake to those who are careless. But the rainbow snake was not a bad .

person and looked upon as vengeful. To some people the Rainbow snake is an old woman .

who taught humans to did for food and eat. The ancestor disappeared into caves and the .

ocean to remain underground and ever present so when the Natives practice dreamtime .

they will always be there guiding them.

The natives had a close tie to nature. To them all things were sacred and .

possessed a spirit. They would treat everything with love and peace because they knew it .

was alive and beheld history. They treated the earth with care because they lived in the .

wild and relied on water, food, geology and animals for survival. Every bit of land is .

sacred to the natives because it links them to their ancestors who link them to their .

beginning and the start of their rituals. Many rituals stemmed from nature and its .

beauties, they would always keep the fire ambers light because it showed that they would .

never die out, the fire represented the sacred hoop which life revolved around. Nature has .

a very close tie to the fait of the natives which allows them to live in peace and harmony .

with the world.

The native Australians developed rights of passage. They linked everything in the .

spiritual world to the physical world. They would believe that mountain and rocks are .

made troublemaking ancestors bones or fire represents a sacred hoop and spiritual .