I can already see that there are not very many country music fans here at school. And well, I am not the biggest fan either, but Neal McCoy is an exception. I"m sure if you listen to some of his music you will like it as much as I did the first time I listened to some of it. An example of some of his outstanding music would be one of my all time favorite songs and one of the biggest hits he's had in most of his career, "The Shake".

The first time I heard this song was on the way to school, getting a ride from my dad. As soon as I heard this song, I could not believe how much I liked it and how pumped up it made me. It has a lot of excitement into it, and to me this is a great exception to country music. This is why I chose this song as a symbolism song.

It symbolizes excitement and it just gets you going, in such a way that you just have to get up and dance to it. You can relate "The Shake" a lot to Neal McCoy because when I went to one of his concerts, I could see him up on stage just dancing, jumping up and down with so much energy and excitement. He really put his boots to the test. Everything he does up on stage makes you feel like you have to get up and dance to the music and put those little boots of yours to the test as well. .

When he sings you get this awesome feeling that makes you forget whatever is bothering you at the moment or just worrying you. So much heart and enthusiasm goes into whatever he sings or does, Neal makes you feel the music in a way that it's just so incredible to me, for I never liked country music in the first place. .

"The Shake" has many symbols in it. Another one would be carefree. In the song he mentions that looks don't mean anything to him, that they are the least important to him. This in a way also makes people realize that looks are not everything, all you need is love and you have it all. .