"There we were on the road again," that's what I told myself as we left a small town in the southwest corner of Minnesota. We lived there for about five years and this was the last thing that I wanted to happen, it was like a nightmare that came true. My dad had a job offer that he could not refuse. So there we were in a u-haul on you"re way down to a small town in the southeast corner of Kansas. I was in the passenger's seat while our dog sat on the floorboard of the crowded u-haul. My dad was driving the u-haul while my brother was scrunched in the middle between us. Our mom had the luxury of driving the family vehicle on our fateful nine hour journey. Boxes and clothes were stuffed into are car like it was an old closet, there was only enough room for one person in the vehicle and that was the driver.

The trip seemed to last like we were driving across the whole country. The u-haul that we had did not seem to have an air-conditioner so the further south we traveled the hotter the temperature rose. We had to stop almost every hour to let our dog get a drink of fresh water so she wouldn't dehydrate being on the hot floorboard of the vehicle. The trip finally came to end as we pulled up to the house that we bought on the north side of Independence Kansas. The first thing that came out of my dads" mouth was "let's get everything unloaded before we sit down." .

As I opened the door my door Sheba leaped out of the u-haul and ran down to the pond that was next to the house. She looked at the water for a second and then with a mighty leap she was in the moss filled green water. The heat was just unbearable and the humidity was so bad you could barely breathe. Before I could think about how hot it was a deep voice yelled out "grab a box now and get it in the house." It took about three hours to get everything unloaded and I told myself that I was finally able to sit down, and as I was heading towards the chair my brother and my dad both came storming into the house yelling were is Sheba.