Tiberius Caesar was born in Rome on November 16, 42 BC.

Four years after his birth his mother divorced his father and married Octavian.

The Claudians did not respect others who were not of ancestry.

After Tiberius was four he was raised to be a servant of Augustus.

Tiberius was with Augustus for 22 years. Augustus had Tiberius.

carefully educated. Augustus later forced Tiberius to end his marriage to Vipsania Agrippina and marry Augustus' daughter Julia. This was arranged to better the chance of succession of a descendant of Augustus to take power. The plan did not work because they did not get along and soon lived separately. For this reason Tiberius retired to the island of Rhodes where he studied for seven years. When Tiberius returned to Rome in AD 26, Julia had been banished for adultery. The death of both of Augustus' grandsons within two years led him to adopt Tiberius as his son and heir.

Tiberius then went into northern Germany against the Marcomanni. Tiberius succeeded in securing the northern border with the dangerous German tribes. Tiberius made two more marches into the heart of Germany. On his return to Rome he was awarded a triumph, the highest official tribute that was given to honor a warrior.

Augustus died in AD 14 and Tuberius gained power of the whole.

Roman empire. He antedated his reign of power. So in other words he started his rule ten years before Caesar died. Its not always ten years but he decided to pick the ten years earlier for an unknown reason.

Tiberius took the throne at the age of fifty-six. This was during the.

life of Jesus Christ. Although he assumed actual power, he did refused most of the titles that the senate offered him. Many people believe that Tiberius was unwilling to come to full power. Tiberius began to take steps against foreign beliefs because he thought they were a threat to traditional Roman values.

Tiberius established a central camp for the Praetorian guard in Rome so.