Actually, it has been such a long week. I have been so stressed out about anything from papers, to tests. My head feels as if it is caught between two blocks of metal, desperately trying to get to one another. There is so much pressure. The muscles of my neck and back are in tight little balls I can feel when I try to relieve my pain by gently massaging them. I finally have a few minutes to myself. I think I"ll get in the hot tub. I put on my bathing suit and walk over to the area that the hot tub is placed in. .

I open the door. I stand there, in anticipation, smelling all the chemicals used to keep a hot tub maintained. I close my eyes and I focus on just the smells. I breathe in the musty smell an area such as this one can aquire when used often without ventilation. I also can sense the familiar scents of chlorine and bromine. It almost hurts my nose. It reminds me of days spent at the pool on vacations when I was younger. I remember the day I learned how to swim. I had been so afraid of the water before that day. Finally, I had decided I wasn't going to miss out on any more fun. I jumped in the water and swam to where everyone else is. I ponder on that day for a few seconds, taking myself out of reality. My gray cat, Annie, leaps off the hot tub, causing a few of the chemicals that have recently been used to fall onto the floor making a loud crash. I am immediately taken back into reality as I open my eyes.

I walk into the hot tub area. There is a large standard cabinet made of a lightly colored wood that reaches from the floor to the ceiling. This is to my left. It is about as long as the wall it sits against. The cabinet is a storage place for numerous items. The left side is so full of tools, they almost fall on top of you when you open the doors. On the right side of the cabinet there are towels on the bottom two shelves. On the top two shelves are other various items. There are cleaning supplies, hot tub chemicals, and silly little gadgets my dad won't throw away because he thinks he can use them someday.