"The piano is a powerful instrument.

I have about ten necklaces with her name printed on them. Six hundred pictures of her on my computer. Thirty or so stickers with her face about my room. No, I swear I'm not obsessed, just interested. She is the infamous Tori Amos. Why do I sound like an obsessive journalist?.

Now I know about nine out of ten of you that just read, or heard me say her name (if you know of her) probably just rolled your eyes. Look, she's more than you might think. Besides my parents, she has to be the most influential person I know, or don't know. You know what I mean, right?.

Tori Amos is a minister's daughter, but she just happens to worship faeries instead. She has the training of a classical composer, yet she was kicked out of London's famous Peabody Music Academy for playing Lohn Lennon and Robert Plant. This girl straddles a piano bench in such a way that makes you turn your head and blush, but you don't know why. Yet, it's not her sex appeal, or fiery dyed red hair that draws me to her. No, she's much more than Prada Shoes. She strikes a chord in me like no other, due to her powerful and emotional music. To the untrained "virgin" ear, you don't understand a word, or note that she is tries to convey to you. You have to practice listening to her. Let her seep into your mind. I guess what I mean is, you must have a lot of patience before you buy an album of Tori's. I'm sure you're completely confused when she sings "Glue, stuck to my shoes. Does anyone know why you play with an orange rind -, but I know what she's saying. That song is called "Putting the Damage On-, and it might be my favorite of all her songs. It sums up so much of my teenage life. This song is about being in a relationship with someone that you know is detrimental to your heart and mind, yet you can't let go of them. Even when they are doing the most damage to you, you can't help but still be mesmerized by them.