The Webster Dictionary defines tranquility as the state of being tranquil, calmness, serenity, peaceful. I find my tranquility at church. The peace I feel when I walk in those double doors is overwhelming. Nothing could separate me from my special place. What makes my tranquility is that it comes to all my five senses. As soon as I step into the double doors, my fears, ambition and doubt disappear. I have almost nothing on my mind but my harmony with myself. When I have no thoughts going though my mind, I find my peace or tranquility.

I usually go there every Sunday or at times when I need help though a rough time or just a situation. If I ever need time to think or heal a broken heart, I would go to a familiar scene. Church is where I go to find my peace I go there for someone to talk to even if they don't respond. I go to listen to the nothing noise that makes me feel at peace.

My five senses take place in my tranquility. My sight, smell, hearing, the taste, and the touch of everything is perfect. It seems hard to believe there is perfect place but there is one. The sight of the church when you walk in is powerful. It will knock anyone off they"re feet. As you walk in, you see the flicking candles around you and red carpet. If you follow the red carpet, you will come to a little place where you can sit or kneel.

By the time you are sitting, you will smell a different aroma. The scent is like nothing you smelled before. It is sweet but strong, like a dusty unopened old cabin. The touch of hard pads which you kneel on to confess your sins on, which other before have done and been saved from their sins sets a different tone of feeling to your whole body. .

Two of the senses is the most two important the hearing, and tasting. The hearing is so faint you must strain to even hear a little whisper. This giving me full known tranquility, by the time is over I cannot take it, the last sense sets in, the taste.