The best of a class, the smartest student, the high achiever of any group, suffers from a dark fate with no possibility of acceptance. By this i mean that he suffers from a lose-lose situation with his peers.

If the student is not arrogant, he prompts anger and frustration in his peers, for his humbleness means that he believes he is utterly ordinary. If this is his belief, and he outstrips other students constantly, his belief acts to them as a slap in the face, for it is saying, "if i'm ordinary and you can't even do what i do, it means you must be bad.".

On the other hand if he is arrogant he suffers even more, on his peer's assumptions that his arrogance is a result of him being better than them, which is of course, a slap in the face. (What's more it is a cheeky slap in the face.).

If the student is of the former opinion, but is nevertheless proud of his achievements and wishes to exhibit them as a way of receiving recognition, he is simply classed as being arrogant; viz a viz, showning someone what you can do or what you know does not constitute displaying humility, it constitutes bignoting yourself. .

In all cases the presence of the better student prompts within another, not only feelings of inadequacy, but also the knowledge that those unpleasant feelings of inadequacy exist only as a result of the better student. The immediate solution is then of course to remove the cause of the dissatisfaction- the better student.

This almost always proves impossible, so instead the solution is merely to make sure the better student is aware that their achievements mean nothing, their lifestyle is defunct and their principles irrelevant, for the society teenagers live in is one of entertainment, relaxation and fun, not of work, motivation and success. So long as the better student is aware that they are an unwanted, incongruos blemish in a culture of apathetic mindlessness, the other students can breathe easy with the knowledge that the ball is no longer in that student's court.