Truth, according to me, is everything in the Bible. I think that you can interpret it different ways but there is one true way and only God knows that. I think that it compares because it says that the church of God is the pillar of all truth, therefore, Christians have the truth. I think society's distorted view of truth is whatever the individual wants it to be. Our society in general has a lot of new age ideas and it mostly says that we should be our own gods. John 8:31-32 says that true disciples (Christians) know the truth and it says that I need to live and show the truth in order to be a true disciple of Christ..

I"d describe my prayer life as growing constantly. Not only am I spending more and more time in prayer, but I"m learning how to know God's will through my prayers and have faith in him that when I pray, he's going to do what I ask, if it's in his will. Matthew 6:5-15 gives me a better idea of how to pray and when. I know we should pray constantly but we shouldn't put ourselves on a pedestal if we have a "better" prayer life than others and we shouldn't try to make ourselves look better by prayer in front of everyone. Prayer is a major priority in my life because God commands us to pray. I also value the fact that I can talk to the creator of the universe at any time! .

My real character is shown when I feel comfortable around people or around my family. I don't see how we"re so different when we"re alone because when I"m alone, I read or make jewelry or watch TV. I really don't do anything different when I"m alone than when I"m with people. Well, R.C. Sproul says that we spend time in the pigsty because we"re scared of the Father's wrath. I don't believe that's so for me. I think I do it because it's comfortable and fun. That's why we start sin, because it's fun. I think sin is a big deal but I do it every day because of my sinful, weak, nature. I know it should a big deal, but sometimes it doesn't seem that way.