In the story Typical American written by Gish Jen was about three young people moving to America for a better life, to live their American dream. During Ralph's schooling he was learning on how to speak English. He was going to school to become a doctor and get his PhD. During he graduation he got his PhD and his family did not come to see him. After being in America for a while he found his sister Theresa. Theresa introduced her brother Ralph to her friend Helen. Helen and Ralph started to date and then soon became engaged. When they got married everything started to change. He started to make more money and thought he was fitting in like he wanted to. He said money in America could get you anywhere in life. .

Ralph was trying to save enough money to but a new house. They did not have enough money. Helen decided she was going to get a job to help out. If she could make extra cash they might be able to get a house. They talked to an agent about a house. They said they were saving for one. When they had enough money Ralph figured that his sister would move in with him and his wife Helen because in Chinese culture you live with your family. When they finally were able to get the house they all wanted to chip in and pay for the rent with him. Ralph said no because he is a man and if they were to move out I am assuming he did not want to get screwed.

While they were all living together Helen could not take it anymore so she started to hang out with Grover more often then usual. Things started to get a little fishy between them two. Helen started to act a lot different then usual. Theresa decided that things were getting a little bit annoying. She could not sleep. The faucet was always dripping water. They were always yelling. She felt she had no privacy. It was time for her to move out on her own. .

Since Theresa had moved out of the house they did not talk to each other a lot anymore. Things started to calm down.