Universal Electronics (UEI) provides the technologies that enable consumers to wirelessly connect, control, and interact with an increasingly complex home environment. We do it by combining smart design and innovative functionality that revolutionizes the way you think about control.

Our company delivers the connected home through the development of software, firmware and turnkey solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), private label retailers and companies involved in the cable and satellite subscription broadcast markets worldwide.

Vision .

aEUR?In our chosen markets, we are the leader in client satisfaction, professionalism, superior quality and innovation. .

aEUR?We are the architect of responsive and creative solutions to our clients' remote control needs. .

aEUR?Our teams combine technical excellence with a superior understanding of client needs and the environment in which our clients operate. .

aEUR?We are committed to working partnerships with our clients that add value and consistently exceed expectations. .

Value Net.

Since the inception of UEI, our primary focus has been to combine overall service value with the highest level of responsiveness for our customers. Each customer has unique needs and characteristics, and our objective is to pattern our system and organization to meet these requirements.

By paying constant attention to quality, price, and delivery, UEI has earned respect in serving manufacturers, industrial control suppliers, and other companies building high performance products demanding the highest levels of quality and reliability.

To assure that there is no compromise to these ideals; we work closely with our clients through all phases of a project and require proper information and documentation to meet their needs. Our entire staff understands the challenges faced by the industry and is prepared to serve.

Competitive Positioning.