We often considered that socialism was hand in hand with democracy. But reviewing the past century in which socialism developed so rapidly and fiercely, we maybe will get difficult conclusion.

What is the democracy?.

There were so many great thinkers that talked about democracy, such as Plato, Rousseau, Max and so on. But none so them could define the exact meaning. Why is it so difficult for them to do this task. Because different aims, alien values, dissimilar experience made them have no idea to describe or standardize the definition. Those great theorists couldn't finish this great job, nor could I-------a normal university student. I can only tell what I have got in mine mind.

The essence of the democracy is that the demos have the conditions and the systems to guarantee the security of their own. It contained four sides: First is economic democracy. One person has his own legal property and can make it used and increased. The second is social democracy .One person can guarantee his life security and basic rights. It based on the social just. The third is political democracy. Every citizen has an equal right to participate in the politics area. The fourth is culture democracy. Every citizen can express his opinion freely and have the right to receive good education. .

What kind of Socialism the USSR was?.

There are three ways to socialize the Capitalism .One is under the mature conditions, productive force develops at a high level, it call for socialism productive relations. The government amends capitalism constitution to socialism one, that is the first way.

The second one is reforming. In some modern Capitalism countries, the governments carry out some socialism policy in some area, such as Railways, Powers, and Space Flight Industry. It is promoted by the advanced productivity.

The third one is under the immature conditions, so first socialists should overthrew the old capitalism machinery, removed the former institution, established the new systems .