What is identity? We seem to live our life wearing it everyday. Without it no one would be known, no one would be recognized, no one would be outstanding, we would all be the same in everyway, even if our faces looked different. Identity is what we are recognized as, the faces we put on, the masks if you will. They are the things you let people see. Identity is almost a show; people line up and pass by everyday as I put on the Peter show. Letting people see what I want them to see about me, hoping to shape their opinions into what I want them to think about me. I will wear a certain type of clothes to lead people to believe I am rich, or powerful, or popular, or hot, or punk I will talk and walk and act a certain way to make people think I am Christian, or a rebel. I will buy CD's, cars, accessories to show off to people I may never talk to, but they will still see me, and form an opinion. Everyone does it, everyone plays both sides of the game. Everyone forms opinions based on looks and meaningless encounters, and everyone plays off their identity like a homecoming dress. Some say that identity is what you need for yourself. To keep yourself happy, keep yourself functional in society. I think that is true, without your identity you are lost. A loss of identity leads to a loss of life, not physically, but in many other ways, which I think hurts more than physical loss of life. A loss of identity leads people to insanity, murder, and suicide. If you are willing to kill yourself over an identity crisis, obviously eternal slumber is a walk in a park compared to the never-ending struggle that is brought on by not knowing who you are. In my opinion you have two identities. The one you need to know who you are, know what your role is in this life, and the second identity that is bought at your local mall. The cheap rags that you throw on top to cover your real identity, the rags that have "I"m cool" and "Please be my friend, I"m desperate" spray-painted on them.