When you"re a kid you think life was made to have fun and be happy. I can remember my childhood as if it were yesterday. Now I understand when people used to tell me, "You can't live with someone who harms you". Being about 10 years old, I didn't understand what that meant. I never imagined I was living with someone who was not only harming me but also the whole family. I mean sure, I had fun and happy moments. But then I realized life was so much different to what I imagined.

I grew up thinking that my parents were a very happy couple with 3 children. We lived in a small apartment, with two bedrooms, a small kitchen and one bathroom. The rooms were only separated by an opening, they were no doors. Now that I remember that place, I never realized how scary and dark it was. Sure they were windows but none to which you could see something interesting. Back then, I didn't care how ugly or pretty my house was I had more problems that kept my mind busy.

My dad; a very fine and gentle like man, seemed to be loved by everyone. He gained the respect and admiration of others around him. People would use to say to my mom "You are a very lucky woman, who wouldn't want a husband like yours". What they didn't know was that my dad was a man with a mask. You can say he was a great actor. He made people think he was the greatest man over the face of the earth. A perfect husband and a father every kid wished he or she had. That was one side of my father, but the other side was an angry, man. One glimpse at his eyes and your skin turned as a chicken's skin. My brothers and I never dared to speak to him, for we knew not to bother him for anything. Being around people, he was a loving father you played with us and even gave us a lot of money. I feared of going back home because I wanted to be around people so that happiness never ended. With this fear already blossomed, there came a greater fear.