Violence seems to be everywhere these days. We as a society need to do something to stop all the violence. Violence is all over television, in video games, and even at school.

Studies have shown that most kid watch three to five hours of television a day. Which averages to about 120 hours of television a month. With all the violence on television kids are quick to pick it up. They become use to it, and think that violence is the way to resolve conflicts. Studies have shown that the violence on television can cause kids to be more violent and the effects and be life-long. If we can somehow cut the violence out of selective television shows that kids watch, we would see a great difference. .

Also, video games have become very popular in the past few years. With games such as, the James Bond game, 007, where the object is to kill all of your opponents, the idea of killing all of your opponents or enemies is how to be a winner. If you put that idea onto real life, with all the pure pressure today, many kids think that violence is they way to be popular. With video games like these on the market today, which can lead to an increase of aggression, there is no way violence will be stopped.

Certainly no one thinks that sending their kid to school will be a place were they will be exposed to violence. But, it is the place was kids are exposed to real-life violence. Fighting in schools seem to become more and more popular. Kids turn to violence when they have conflict, thinking that it is the solution. And whoever wins the fight was right. If we can eliminate the violence that kids are exposed to outside of school, it may well stop it in schools. .

If we a society can work together to stop the violence that kids are exposed to, maybe the next generation with not as violent as this one seems to be. .