There is also the aspect of forming social bonds and strengthening the community. If the less fortunate are left to be alone the whole of their life and the people with lesser challenges segregate themselves, it would be a society that is totally unbalanced and stratified. The act of volunteering will enable us as the U.S.A. To have a socially meshed society that bridges the gap between the rich and the less fortunate in the society hence forming a good society that each person wants.

Before most volunteer works, the volunteers are given some training that will enable them work best with the community they intend to work with. This is particularly so if the mission id abroad. The training that they get and the practical application that they do on the ground while volunteering are invaluable lessons that cannot be taught in class. This makes volunteer work special and significant in the life of a person, an experience and training that one cannot get without volunteering.

Volunteering has generally enabled people to have a wider world view and perspective since kids who engage in volunteer work more often, will be able to know more of the world outside their schools and homes and may be church. They will be able to relate more diversely as they mingle with people from diverse backgrounds on their volunteer missions hence opening up their view of the society and the world than those who do not participate in such.

I have been involved in the line of volunteering for a number of years and I will continue to do so as long as there is still energy left in me. I have already introduced my family to the virtues of volunteering and will continue exposing them to such chances until they are of independent age and hope that they continue in the same trend. Despite the fact that I have a family and a full time job and could be busier than most people, I still have to give time to the volunteer work and encourage everyone to fix volunteer time into their busy schedule. This is because by me giving back to the community I get way much more than what I put in with the knowledge that I have made a difference.

I therefore challenge you to give your time into volunteer works and even to schedule a few hours once a week to some volunteer work that may deem appropriate to you. There are endless possibilities of where to volunteer since almost all organizations welcome volunteers, fresh faces in the organization, helping hands and new ideas are always welcome. Some of the places include animal shelter, nursing homes, hospitals, churches, libraries, schools, recycle plants, daycare centers for children or even for the elderly, a community center, museums and even zoos among many others.

When there is a disaster, there is always a perfect opportunity to offer your services as a volunteer with the Red Cross. At this time, volunteers are needed for every stage from search and rescue, recovery to distribution of food, clothing, water, toiletries and medicine. These are especially when there are acts of God like hurricanes, floods, earthquake and fires. These are usually out chances to make a difference and help each other as brothers and sisters.

There is no better way to express your love for the community and the neighbors that through volunteer work, it is an internal thing that brings satisfaction to the parties involved in equal measure, hence each parent should ensure that their children engage in volunteer work so as to be able to grow up with the attitude of helping others and not egocentrism throughout.