Water shoots out everywhere and I can't seem to find who's shooting at me. I look around at what looks to be the Funhouse from Water World, but every person with a water gun is hidden from view and I can't find who is squirting water dangerously near my ear.

"So, what next?" I hear in back of me. As I turn, my back is drenched with the ice cold water from some concealed place around the giant metal structure. I face where I heard the voice, expecting to see one person it sounded like a male voice that was recognizable but when I look there is not one person there are lots. Everyone I've ever known stands before me, smiling and looking at me for some sort of direction. I look at each and every face there's everyone from my pre-school best friend to a favorite DJ on my favorite radio station. Everybody just seems to want to stare at me in awe, wondering where they should go next.

I turn back to the metal structure, and any enemy I ever had reveals themselves and their weapons. They want to come too. They drop their multi-colored squirt guns and jump off the giant. It seems to me like they're going to crash to the wet concrete hard and painfully they were jumping from two or three stories up but they each land softly on all fours, then get up effortlessly. They now look at me the same way the others did. They want to know where to go.

So, the first thing that comes to mind is Thunder Bay, the big tidal wave pool; so I shout that and everyone runs. All of a sudden, I'm in the deep end of the bay, and I can hear a rumble telling me the tidal wave is going to come. I quickly go over to a bar on the side; a grip to hold onto as the wave comes. I get there and see my friend, Randi. She's doing pull ups like we like to do while giving off the corniest glow and smiling the weirdest she can. It's an inside joke.

Well, I decide to do the same. As a pull up on the bar, I can feel my muscle firm up. I look up at what's above me and I see lifeguards.