"Iraq had no Chemical, biological arms, departing search leader says.

Was the war in Iraq really worth it? If you think about the results that we have found so far, then the answer would have to be no. So far in Iraq we have found no chemical, biological arms, but departing search leader David Kay (former leader of the U.S effort to find banned weapons in Iraq) says "that there were in fact illicit weapons in Iraq in 1991." After the war, the Iraqis got rid of the weapons themselves because of the constant U.N. random searches. All of Kay's statements undermined President Bush's statements. Bush said that Iraq had biological and chemical weapons as well as trying to acquire nuclear technology, which we have yet to see any results from our massive searches of Iraq. However we can't forget about the times when Saddam would not let UN weapon inspectors in to check his facilities, or the all around shadiness the Iraqis have showed us in any cooperation. President Bush still believes that we will find those weapons, and when we do, we will dispose of them and prove our cause just. .

This article kind of makes me think of a possible conspiracy to just give The United States an excuse to go into Iraq and take Saddam out of power in order to get control of his oil. If we get control of his oil we would rule the oil industry for as long as the earth lets us. This is true because we haven't even begun to tap into the United States oil supply. So if we use the rest of the worlds oil supply, then we can charge however much we want to the world to use our oil. Why do you think President bush is trying to find out how to make cold fusion type technology with oil instead of water? .

I also think we started this war in Iraq in order to give the Americans some sort of relief, moral boost, or some sort of closure for the Twin Towers tragedy. The U.S in Iraq helps us think that we are still that super power and still the top dog in the world and not as vulnerable as the Al-Queada made us look.