The Lebel M1886 was used by the French. It was the worlds first mass produced magazine rifle. During the First World War this gun was still being used even though it was made in 1886. It was replaced by the Berthier. .

Springfield Rifle.

This rifle was first produced in 1795 for the United States Army and was still the main rifle used till 1936. It is a type of bolt on rifle which fires multiple rounds.

Lee Enfield Rifle.

This rifle was first introduced in 1907 and was the british armys main rifle. It had a capability to kill someone at about 1400 m range. .

Luger Pistol.

The Swiss Army was the first to officially adopt the Luger P.04 pistol. Produced by Deutsche Waffen und Munitions, the Luger Parabellum became the world's most widely used military handgun. The Luger fired a 7-round clip of 9mm ammunition. It is estimated that 1.5 million Lugers were produced in Germany during the First World War.

All the guns above were mainly used in the war. Below are the machine guns which not a lot of soldiers carried only about two who used them to gun down enemy on the offensive.

The Machine Gun.

This is a machine gun on the right. Hiram Maxim invented the first one by using the energy of firing the bullet to load another one into the cartridge and keep firing. The gun would keep firing till a whole round of ammo was used up. This gun could fire about 400-600 bullets per minute.

The Gardner Gun.

This gun was first used in 1879. This gun had a twin barrel for the bullets to fire out of. A crank was used to load each bullet into the gun. The bullets were fed through a grooved strip box. The gun fired 10000 rounds in 27 minutes which impressed British leaders who decided to purchase this machine gun. .

Lewis Gun.

The Lewis Gun, a light machine gun, was developed in the United States in 1911. At 12 kg it was far lighter than the Vickers Machine-Gun and in 1915 the British Army decided to purchase the gun for use on the Western Front.