As a high school student, a sense of order has always been present in my everyday life. Each school day I hear,"Do your homework," "Be quiet while I"m talking," and, "TAKE OUT THE TRASH IT"S OVERFLOWING!" Having so much order and control around me is like prison. This was not always my take on "maintaining order" however. Throughout high school, many events have pounded this orderly feeling into my brain, but the worst ones involve evil parents and devious highschool girls.

The first semester was awesome, until the six week progress report came home. I thought I knew my parents, but I saw different people that night. "This is YOUR future!" is the first quotation that comes to mind, followed shortly by, "You are grounded." Order had just smacked me in the face. I, the invincible, flawless, talented, amazing boy had just been told that I was expected to do well in school. The fight was one to remember. My grade point average was 3.14. Not bad to me, but not good enough for them. Afterwards I sat in my room festering more and more each minute; a hatred was brewing in me that I had never felt before. From then on, I had to maintain at least a 3.75 grade point average or I"d never drive a car.

The new laws at home were half of my high school prison; the other half being life at school. The best example of a ridiculously orderly situation in any high school has to do with girls, of course. Since high school began, I have come to notice things about these fun-loving girls that make my heart stop. .

It hit me when I decided to ask this very sweet girl, Danielle, to my very first high school dance. The dance was great, and we had a good time. Then a week later I found out the strange truth. One of Danielle's friends told me I had been expected to ask Danielle earlier than I did. I hadn't said a word to anybody about asking her. Therefore, guys don't ask girls to a dance, the girls set it up ahead of time.