Don't let the "chick flick' idea scare you away from this movie. While You Were Sleeping is cute, outrageously funny, heartwarming and a must see for all audiences. .

While You Were Sleeping starts with a lonely woman, Lucy, (Sandra Bullock) hard at work in a tollbooth, fantasying about marrying the handsome young men passing through her tollbooth. By chance, one of the men is mugged and knocked unconscious on the train tracks. She saves him, and the confusion starts. With a lot of twist and turns the family come to believe that Lucy and their unconscious son are engaged. They welcome the family starved woman, with open arms. Lucy can not resist their charm and is sucked into the vortex of this wild and crazy family. She then starts to fall in love with her comatose fiancA(C)'s brother and vice versa. The story continues on a spiral of confusion, from the noisy, old neighbor to the crazy, near death's-door grandmother. When the fiancA(C) wakes up from the coma, one might think that things will straighten out, but that doesn't happen. While You Were Sleeping just keeps you laughing until the end.

The plot, with its twist and turns is interesting, funny and has the audience guessing until the closing credits. When Peter wakes up from his coma, the situation becomes more ironic as he is led to believe he has amnesia and doesn't remember the girl he is engaged to. The plot continues to entertain us by having Peter propose to Lucy. Who will Lucy chose? The rich fantasy, or the brother she is really in love with. This is just one of the plot's suspense that holds the audience at the edge of their seats.

The characters in this movie are so believable you will feel they are your best friends by the end. Lucy has lost her dad; he was her only family. She has friends, but around the holidays (the setting of this movie) is when you want to be part of a family the most. The scene when she is decorating a Christmas tree, with only her cat for company, helps you understand how someone could be pulled into a loving family, even under false pretenses.