There is a large amount of planning and work that occurs in a kitchen to serve lunch at Roadhouse Grill. To be able to serve massive quantities of food in a short time there are many things that are necessary to make sure the process runs smoothly. Teamwork is perhaps the key element for enabling a smooth lunch hour, (actually, lunch lasts from eleven to three at Roadhouse). Quick reflexes are also a valuable trait to have in order to react appropriately to any situation that many occur. There are many things that people do not see, and would never three things create a process that enables the smooth flow of a lunch hour(s) at Roadhouse Grill.

The first step in the lunch process is preparing the kitchen. This can be very hard work. Arriving at six or seven o'clock also makes a very long day. First, there is an inventory walk through that must be completed. This is done to see which items need to be prepped, thawed out, opened, or re-ordered. Every item must be accounted for and ready to serve by eleven o'clock when the restaurant opens. There are certain times that are very important to remember. For instance, at nine o' clock prime rib is placed into a .

slow cooker to be served by three o'clock. At ten o'clock, a tray of baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, along with a bucket of rice are all placed into the oven and cooked for an hour to be served by eleven. Between these times, there is an unbelievable amount of slicing, dicing, and organizing that must be done. When this is completed, it is time for the next step in the process to happen. Lunch is served.

Lunch is a process that happens very quickly. Even though it takes up most of the day, it is a constant, high-paced, high-pressured environment to work in. There is a process in which food is cooked and delivered. The server takes the order and types it into the computer. The order first goes to the grill cook who cooks the food for the customer.